• Kengo Classic 400

    out of 5


    This is a new model, which is styled on the classic and perfectly fits the trend of equipment the likes of Yamaha SR400, Kawasaki W800, the Triumph Bonneville. Is it wrong? Considering the price at the level of 13-14 thousand, competition is very healthy. Single-cylinder engine has a capacity of 400 cc, is an oil-cooled and air and holds a power of 25 hp and 30 Nm of torque. We tested had a copy of the rear drum brake, but the manufacturer has already announced one disc at the front and rear, together with ABSem. Additional curiosities is possible to buy a sidecar, and also plans to Classic 400 version (cafe) Racer. We look forward to comparison with the above-mentioned three expensive classics.


  • Kengo Custom 2017

    out of 5

    This model is powerfully-looking cruiser / bobber on thick wheels. We were amazed by the fact that … it’s just a 125-weaves! Kengo wanted to give holders of private Mark.

    The opportunity to ride something that looks mightily and executed well, and we acknowledge that it did. The engine is a row, double cylinder, air and oil cooled 125-weaving with a power of 16 hp – has two exhausts and confirm that it goes well.