Video: How to Change a Fuel Filter

Changing a vehicle fuel filter is a regular part of normal maintenance. Dirt in the fuel is captured in the filter and over time clogs the filter, causing it to operate less efficiently. The clogged filter reduces fuel pressure to the vehicle. A sign of a clogged filter is the vehicle stalls when climbing hills or low fuel pressure. Replace the filter at the manufacturer recommended interval.   Tips Check the rubber hoses for hardening and cracks. Replace the hoses if they [...]

How to Change a Fuel Filter

  Steps 1 Purchase the replacement filter. 2 Locate the old filter - it may be in the engine compartment or under the car in the fuel tank. 3 If recommended by manufacturer follow procedure to remove fuel pressure. 4 Unscrew each hose clamp bolt until it nearly comes apart from the nut. 5 Push the clamp up the hose. 6 Remove the old filter and replace with new filter 7 Push clamps back down and tighten them. 8 Run the engine and check for leaks.  

How to Change the Oil and Oil Filter on a Motorcycle

Steps 1. Set up your spot. This is one of the most important steps. You don't want to be running around looking for tools, containers and rags while oil is flowing out of your bike and your hands are too slick to turn a doorknob! Check the "Things You'll Need" section to get everything ready. 2. Put your bike on the side stand, center-stand or rear-stand if you have one. Put your drain pan approximately under the bolt. Try to think [...]

Video: How to Change the Oil and Oil Filter

Want to save some money and learn about your beloved machine at the same time? Try changing your own oil. It's cheap, fun, and doesn't require many tools!   Tips Remember, hot oil flows much better, so go for a ten minute ride before you pull the drain plug. The oil will come out hot and fast when it goes so be careful! This will help "wash" the inside of your engine with oil and let it flow out nicely. Oil disposal is [...]