About us

Kengo Motors About us…

Founded in 2013, KENGO began as a simple idea to provide working power sports enthusiasts with a high quality, fun, and affordable option for alternative transportation.

We has established a production and research and development base in Chongqing and Zhejiang. The current production area covers over 10, 000 square meters, with over 100 well-qualified and efficient engineers and technicians. More than 50 affiliated factories are engaged in the production of spare parts and accessories while the sales outlet is in US.

KENGO MOTORS has the sales and marketing of the MOTORCYCLES on the AMERICA market responsible. Head quarter of the business is the Pennsylvania – AMERICA.

Outside from American is Austria, Turkey, Portugal, Spain, France, Malaysia, China, Vietnam one of the largest and most important markets for the brand KENGO.

At KENGO MOTORS COMPANY we dream of a world where the opportunity to own a bike, belong to a community, and get on the road and ride are available to everyone.

Our aim is to create bike, in which innovation unites with perfect quality, while keeping prices reasonable . We will endeavour to produce high quality products to cater for the needs of clients all over the world.

We aim to keep pace with changing clients’ demands all over the world.